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Use personal one on one conversations to help 10 people buy your offer


No one likes to be sold to, but almost everyone loves to buy.

This is a key insight and is critical to sustainable business growth

And it surprises me to see how many marketers and business owners seem to be oblivious to this simple fact.

The best way to get your customer to want to buy from you is to get clear on her problem and then create an offer that solves that problem effectively and quickly.

Understanding your customer’s problem is what we talked about yesterday.

If you missed yesterday’s email, I recommend you go back and read that one first.

Today we’ll talk about creating targeted offers that clearly articulate and solve your customer's problem — the next step in the 9-step business growth framework.

The importance and value of being able to articulate the customer's problem are often overlooked by marketers.

While most marketers overlook the importance and value of articulating the customer's unstated problem, you'll stand out from the crowd.


Because you’ve taken the time to do the research and create an empathy map.

You’ll be in a position to create an offer that meets your customer where she is on her journey.

Beyond solving the core problem, a good offer also helps your customer get to a result quickly and with little effort.

In my conversation with Ryan Deiss, Ryan explains two important ways to offer more value to your customers: via speed and automation.

You might want to ask yourself these two questions:

  • What’s the result my customer wants to achieve.
  • What are some other ways that I can get my customer to these results faster and with less effort?

Here's an example.

In my capacity as a business coach, I help a community of small businesses achieve results fast and with less effort via the Productive Insights Membership Program.

Our members are biased towards taking decisive action. And because they're in an action-focused community, they're able to build self-sustaining profitable business faster than they would have done on their own.

How so?


  • I've used a few different kinds of online platforms, a bunch of different CRM tools, and I can quickly point the business owner to the best tools to get the job done. Faster than they would if they spent the time figuring things out themselves
  • I've spent decades building my skills in market research and offer creation. My skills help me to help business owners tweak their copy, get their online assets to work harder for them, and achieve better results.
  • I've built a collaborative group of like-minded business owners who thrive in the high-performance environment we've created.

So in that sense, our membership program can offer speed and automation for business owners.



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