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Build an automated customer attraction system


So how does a combat pilot end up becoming a marketing automation ninja?

It’s a long story. I’ll tell you someday.

But for now let’s talk, about marketing automation and how you can use it to offer more value to your customers by staying relevant.

The keyword here is "relevance"

A lot of marketers tend to jump to the "automation" piece too early. You need to understand your ideal customer before you automate anything.


If you build an automated marketing system without a good understanding of your ideal customer persona, you'll just end up speeding up a bad underlying process. And instead of business growth, you could see your business take a nose dive!

Have a listen to this conversation with Andre Chaperon (on iTunes) where we talk about how he uses automation to stay relevant to his customers.

Don’t have an Apple device? No problem. You can listen in on stitcher here.

(BTW you missed the previous email, you want to go back and read that one first.)

If your customer lifetime value (and profit) warrants it, then you can go ahead and create a system that helps you attract your ideal customer using a powerful content strategy.

You may choose to amplify that content using paid advertising techniques such as Facebook retargeting or google remarketing.

Either way, whether or not you choose to use paid advertising, it's always a good idea to have a content strategy that positions you as a thought leader in your market.

Content is a powerful way to start conversations, continue relationships, and move your customer close to their purchase decision over time.

The best part?

A lot of this content delivery can be automated.

Using a good tagging system you can use behavioral targeting within your email marketing systems to present content to people who are most likely to benefit from it.

Check out this conversation with Barry Moore to learn more about behavioral targeting.

We’ll talk about a bunch of stuff including (but not limited to)

  • How to use tagging to stay relevant and useful
  • How to improve email deliverability so your emails don’t get caught up in people’s spam folders
  • How to use event tracking to understand your customers better

Barry's good at processes and systems. Maybe his training as a combat pilot helped him.

Talk to you soon.




Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about how to bring it all together and build massive authority in the market.

See you then.


Here's a link to the 9-step mind map 🙂