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Review and refine


This final step in our 9-step business growth process is surprisingly simple.

Simple, but not easy.

Find the 'holes in your bucket' and fix them.

Review Refine and iterate

Go back and look through each of the previous steps explained in this 9-step business growth process, find the 'holes' and fix them.

If you have a 'leaky sales funnel' you'll be throwing your valuable advertising dollars away.

The process of building a valuable authority platform and sales funnel is iterative.

The truth is you're never 'done'.

The key here is to iterate.

For instance, you might notice that your cost per lead is well above industry- average. This means you need to go back to the drawing board and re-work your lead generation process.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • Is my opt-in / lead magnet the best possible (free) offer to my target audience?
  • Following on from the first question, you might have to go back and revisit your ideal customer avatar (something you can never do enough of in my opinion)

Perfection is a process towards an ideal, not an outcome. You can (and should) be constantly moving towards perfection.

The pursuit is exhilarating.

I hope you found this email series useful.

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