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How to research your market quickly and effectively



Yesterday I mentioned one specific tool that truly helps you to understand your customer deeply.

It helps you uncover your ideal customer's unstated problem.

I asked you to guess what that tool was.

Did you guess?

I'll tell you soon ... but speaking of guessing ...

I'm guessing you've seen the 9-Step Business Growth Mind Map by now.

If you haven’t, you need to hit reply and ask me to send it to you. It'll help you grow your business effectively and (relatively) fast. 

Without the mind map, most of what I'm about to say won't make much sense to you.


That 9-step business growth mind map is a proven framework.

I've used to help several of my members grow their businesses profitably, so I know it works....

.... if you work it.

Also, if you missed yesterday's email where we talked about how to get clear on your mission, you might want to go back and read that one first.

Today, we'll get you dialed into who your ideal customer is, and what specific problem you're going to solve for her.

So ...

Who is your ideal customer?

How old is she? What does she do? How many children does she typically have? Does she have a tertiary qualification? What magazines does she read? Does she even read magazines? What websites does she visit?

The better you understand your ideal customer, the clearer you'll be with your message, and about the specific problem you solve for her (More on this later).

How do you learn about your ideal customer?

Three words:

Effective market research.

In this conversation, Alexi Neocleous — a successful copywriter and entrepreneur — shares his 3-pronged approach to great market research and I think he nails it.

Hand on heart, this is nothing short of a masterclass.

Alexi actually shares his screen as he walks us through his research process.

Click here to watch over Alexi's shoulder as he walks you through his research process!

Now, once you've identified your ideal customer and got clarity on who s/he is, you need to dive a bit deeper into her world.

And this is where that one specific tool I told you about yesterday comes into the picture.

That tool is called an empathy map.

In my experience, empathy is probably one of the least used words in marketing.

And it happens to be one of the most important words if you want to really serve your customer.

Tomorrow, we’ll dive deeper into the Empathy Mapping process. I’ll take you through it step by step using a video tutorial.

It walks you through how to get clear on what your customer is thinking, hearing, feeling, and seeing.



P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow's email.

I'll tell you exactly how to create an empathy map and how to use the process to build assets in your business that keep on giving