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How To Get Clear On Your Customer’s problem


Yesterday we looked at how to create an empathy map.

If you missed the previous email, you might want to go back and read that one first.

The empathy mapping process should’ve uncovered your customer's problems in detail.

More importantly, you should have a good understanding of your ideal customer’s unstated problem.

What’s an unstated problem? And why does it matter so much to you right now?

An unstated problem is one the customer might be aware of subconsciously, but she may not have articulated it to herself and therefore isn't consciously aware of it.

Now, if you can articulate that unstated problem, then you’re going to win her trust.

And today we’re going to talk about exactly that. How to articulate your customer’s unstated problem!

Humans have been problem solvers and tool builders since the beginning of their time on earth.

If you want to grow your small business sustainably, you've got to create great products (build great tools) that solve a specific problem that someone (your customer) is willing to pay money for.

So, how do you go about doing this?


1. Research and then understand what your ideal customer is trying to change in her business, and or her life.
2. Get clear on her stated and unstated problem
3. Once you've identified her problem, you can then go about building (and offering) a solution (your product).

Getting really clear on the words your customer uses to describe her problem helps to engage your customer.

And how do you research your customer?

You speak to her in one of 4 ways (and I recommend you do this in the following order of priority):

1. Face to face conversation in person
2. Face to face conversation on video
3. Speak to him/her on the phone
4. Use survey tools like the Ask Method.

Once you're clear on exactly what your customer's problem is and how they experience the problem in their life, then you can come up with a great solution (offer) and you can articulate that offer (copywriting) powerfully and effectively.

In my next email, I'll talk to you about how to create compelling offers that solve real problems.

Stay tuned.

Speak to you tomorrow.




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Oh, and one more thing ... here's that 9-step mind map I'll be referring to throughout this email course. I recommend printing it out and sticking it on the wall near your computer.