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Eisenhower Matrix is a productivity, prioritization, and time-management framework
Ash RoyJul 5, 2024 10:00:00 AM2 min read

Transform Your Life with Tiny Habits: Insights from James Clear


Ready to supercharge your personal growth?


I've got something special that might just revolutionize your approach to your goals.


I had an incredible conversation with James Clear, the brilliant mind behind the best-selling book Atomic Habits.


If you’ve ever wondered how small daily habits can lead to monumental changes, you’re in for a treat.


Here’s a sneak peek into our chat and some golden nuggets of wisdom you won't want to miss!


Meet James Clear and Discover Atomic Habits

James Clear is a leading authority on habits and personal development. His book, Atomic Habits, is a guide to understanding how tiny changes can create remarkable results. 


🔍 Key Insight

Time + Tiny Habits = Big Changes! 

Think about it—what if you improved just 1% every day? It might seem like nothing at first, but over time, these tiny improvements stack up to create a monumental change. It’s the power of compounding at its finest! 


“Time will magnify whatever you feed it. Good habits make time your ally, while bad habits make time your enemy.” — James Clear


Growth Through the Right Environment

Your surroundings play a crucial role in shaping your habits. Design your environment to support your desired behaviors.


One actionable tip from James:

Redesign your digital environment. Remove social media apps from your phone's home screen and replace them with apps that support your goals, like reading or fitness apps.


🎥 Don’t Miss Out: Watch our recent video

For more in-depth insights, watch our recent Youtube video with James Clear on How To Achieve Goals with Atomic Habit.

Trust me, it’s a masterclass in habit formation and personal growth!


🔗 Watch it here


What’s Your Tiny Habit?

I’d love to hear from you! What tiny habit can you create that will help you improve incrementally and achieve a significant goal in your life?  Reply to this email and let me know – I'd love to hear your ideas!


Let’s make time our ally and turn small changes into big results!


Ciao for now,




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Ash Roy

Ash Roy has spent over 15 years working in the corporate world as a financial and strategic analyst and advisor to large multinational banks and telecommunications companies. He suffered through a CPA in 1997 and completed it despite not liking it at all because he believed it was a valuable skill to have. He sacrificed his personality in the process. In 2004 he finished his MBA (Masters In Business Administration) from the Australian Graduate School of Management and loved it! He scored a distinction (average) and got his personality back too!