Zite : Your personalised online magazine

Zite is a fantastic customisable magazine available as a free app on your iPhone and iPad.

Essentially Zite allows you to “create” your personalised magazine on your mobile device based on your chosen interests. It even learns from your likes and dislikes and presents articles based on your past preferences.


Key features:

  • Zite allows you to search for any term and then add it to your quick list. It then creates a flow of articles based on that term
  • It “learns” from your likes and dislikes to create a very enjoyable reading experience
  • It has convenient integration with key social media sites like Facebook and twitter for easy sharing options

Overall this app Is absolutely fantastic. This is reflected in its 4+ rating at the iTunes store.

The only disadvantage to Zite is that your historical bias and chosen interests influence your future reading … which makes for a very insular (albeit comfortable) reading experience.

Download a copy at the iTunes store for free

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Zite was recently caught live in action … see video below:

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