Timeboxing – An easy 2 step approach

Timeboxing daily tasks is one of the quickest ways to increase productivity.

My approach to timeboxing is simple:

  1. Go through my task list on my OmniFocus app (for Mac, iPad or iPhone) and decide on what tasks need to be completed today
  2. Put the tasks into my calendar as appointments with clear start and finish times.

The benefits of this approach are as follows:

  • I reduce my stress levels because I don’t committed to tasks that will take more hours than I have in the day.
  • I am able to consider my meetings, appointments etc that are already in my diary when deciding on how much I can commit to completing for the day
  • I can visualise my day’s commitments very clearly in terms of time slots
  • Using the native calendar app on my iPhone I can easily reshuffle my appointments by holding down and dragging a given appointment to different time slot (in the day, week or month) in response to the every changing demands of each day.


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