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iOS7 may be ‘windowsy’ on the ‘surface’ but I’m looking forward to some serious depth in functionality this fall!

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I can’t speak authoritatively about Windows Mobile because my interactions have been limited to passing glances.

However my deep engagement with iOS and the entire Apple ecosystem over the last two years has left me quite optimistic about iOS7 one day after the messages from the WWDC keynote have had time to sink in

While on its surface (pun intended) iOS seven looked a lot like my passing impression of Windows Mobile; I must say I was pretty impressed with iOS7’s responsivity to movement of the iPhone.

I sincerely hope this impressive feature is a taste of things to come

Leading on from my previous post I do believe that Apple still has the capability to deliver an excellent customer experience.

Phil Schiller’s comments about innovation and his ass may arguably have been unwarranted given the fact that we haven’t seen a flurry of new products from Apple since Steve Jobs’ reign.

However I don’t believe Apple’s innovation has only been around excellent product design. Apple’s execution around deep customer engagement through a superlative user experience is unparalleled in the market.  To me this is the kicker.

I hope that over this WWDC Apple will generate enough excitement and inspiration in the developer community to create a smorgasbord of delightful apps and customer experiences come this fall.


For a look at my first impressions while watching the announcement check out my prior post WWDC 2013 iOS7 Announcemements – First Impressions

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