Get your iPhone to read Kindle e-books to you aloud in 3 steps (Video)



Did you know that you can get your iPhone to read Kindle e-books out loud?

This is a pretty good alternative to buying an actual kindle device. And a considerably cheaper one!

It’s not quite the same as an audiobook.

But hey …  it’s pretty good considering the fact that a large proportion of our e-books can now be imbibed via audio. Specially good for those who prefer to learn via audio.

As at 1st May 2013 both Appleinsider and Geekwire confirmed that 1.8 million e-books on Kindle were compatible with this new voiceover feature.

Here are the 3 steps to get kindle to read the e-books out loud like an audiobook:

1. Open up the Kindle e-book to the page you would like read out loud.

2. Turn on voiceover using Siri – hold down the home button and clearly say “Turn Voice over On” (You can turn on/off voiceover using settings on your phone but it’s messy. I don’t recommend that option)

3. Press home button once (to go back to kindle) and then swipe downwards with two fingers

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