About a month ago, Seth Godin wrote a post that inspired me to write a post (and publish it) every day.

I’ve done it fairly consistently since the 1st of Nov (might have missed a day or two)

I’ve loved writing every day.

But I didn’t write yesterday because I was gripped with doubt.

What if my daily content which tends to be short-form content (much like this post) hurts my SEO more than it helps it?

Traditional SEO thinking would dictate only publishing blog posts that are around 2000 words long.

And then today I saw this post from Seth … and here I am … back in the saddle!

FEO (Find engine optimization — where you create content for those that are seeking you out) might be a better alternative to SEO (Search engine optimization — which caters to the almighty algorithms that decide who gets to see you and who doesn't)