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GTD with Omnifocus 2 — Your Key to Stress Free productivity

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Have you heard?

Omnifocus 2 was released earlier today!

I don’t know about you, but the productivity geek in me is pretty damn excited!

If you haven’t heard about Omnifocus or the Getting Things Done Approach then you’re about to discover a great productivity hack.

Head on over to my earlier post on the GTD approach using Omnifocus.

Why you need Omnifocus 2 – Video

Here’s a video outlining the key benefits of upgrading to Omnifocus 2 and how it can improve your productivity.



GTD –  The secret to stress free productivity


41YJyWQCBZL._SL250_For a detailed overview of the GTD approach and Omnifocus check out my earlier post on the GTD approach using Omnifocus

Essentially the GTD approach looks at categorising tasks by projects (which we’ve all heard about before) and contexts which is the differentiator when it comes to the GTD approach.

Put simply, a context allows you to execute on tasks from various projects and enables a form of ‘batch processing’.

There are several other great hacks in the GTD approach, but that involves too much detail and is outside the scope of a brief blog post.


Alternatively, you can grab David Allen’s book on amazon here – great

I recommend it!

The key updates to Omnifocus 2 (upgrade from Omnifocus 1)

  1. Omnifocus 2 is a sight for sore eyes: It has an awesome minimalist interface. They’ve built this application from the ground up and have considered several users opinions. So existing Omnifocus 1 users can look forward to significantly improved functionality and usability. In terms of the minimalist design and simple interface — think Apple.
  2. Omnifocus 2 includes the forecast view: This was a massive success on the iPhone and iPad versions and probably is one of the best features in my humble opinion. Why? Because the forecast view allows you to look at your calendar appointments alongside your tasks and actions for the day. Uber useful if you ask me.
  3. The review view: Another fantastic and very welcome improvement that has been a massive success on the iPad version.  In fact if you upgrade to the Omnifocus 2 version you might be able to save some dollars on the iPad version – given the functionality has (finally) found it’s way to the Mac.
  4. Do I upgrade to Omnifocus 2 pro version or Omnifocus 2 standard version?:  When you look to upgrade to Omnifocus 2 you’re faced with a choice —To upgrade to the pro version or the standard version. If you’re a beginner on Omnifocus, or you don’t use it very much, I recommend just upgrading to the standard version.  The pro version is worth considering if you’re a power user. This means you use perspectives, the focus view and apple scripts like a ninja.

I’ll update this post as I get the opportunity to play around more with the application. But until then … happy GTDing … and Omnifocusing!



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