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Ash RoyFeb 27, 2024 5:42:22 PM2 min read

Building Meaningful Connections on LinkedIn


Hey friend!

In today's world, attention spans are so short, a goldfish might as well be the next Steve Jobs in comparison.


Trying to forge meaningful connections feels like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube blindfolded.


Enter LinkedIn — our digital lifeline to sanity in the sea of social amnesia.


Adam Franklin's a LinkedIn maestro who's mastered the art of building long-term relationships via Linkedin.


He spills the goods on Productive Insights Podcast Episode 217 and 218.


It's my pleasure to pass on the intel to you. 


No one wants to be that cringy spammer on LinkedIn.


The remedy? Show up, be cool, and keep it real, just like we do at parties.


Here's the lowdown on Boosting your LinkedIn game:

  • Chill Icebreaker: Drop a simple "Hi [Name], let's connect!" You don't always have to go full detective on their profile – keep it breezy. 


  • Profile Spice: Craft a profile that speaks to your audience, resonates with potential clients, and showcases the benefits you bring to the table. Make your profile about your target audience — not about you. 
  • Real Talk: Think of LinkedIn as a virtual party. Show up, be cool, and keep it real, just like we do in real life.

Adam and I also talked about 5-Step process on how to improve your LinkedIn presence and build better relationships.

  • Connect: Start by connecting with relevant people in your industry or target audience.
  • Conversation Starter: Engage your connections with a personalized and value-driven message.
  • Interest: Share valuable content and resources to generate interest and establish credibility.
  • Raise Hand: Encourage prospects to express interest in a more personalized interaction, such as a call or a webinar.
  • Sales Conversation: Transition interested individuals into sales conversations to understand their needs and present tailored solutions

Ready to level up your LinkedIn journey? Take the first step by reconnecting with 10 or 20 people you haven't contacted in a while. It's the small moves that lead to big wins!


If you're down to level up your LinkedIn game and turn connections into legit relationships, these podcasts are gold.


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Ash Roy

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