147. Noah Kagan Throws Down A $1000 Challenge (Plus How To Push Past Your Comfort Zone)

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Noah Kagan Throws Down A $1000 Challenge (Plus How To Push Past Your Comfort Zone)

Noah Kagan is the founder and Chief Sumo of Sumo.com and AppSumo.com. AppSumo helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses.


Before starting at AppSumo, he was employee number 30 at Facebook. His site, OkDork.com has excellent growth hacks and useful strategies which help entrepreneurs grow their businesses using content marketing and growth hacking strategies. Noah talks about his successes and failures with a lot of honesty, which I have found to be a refreshing change. And which is why I reached out to him to be a guest on the Productive Insights Podcast. If you haven’t already checked it out, I highly recommend heading over to okdork.com.



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Key Points and Insights

  • 2:06 – How to overcome discomfort around being on video
  • 4:52 – Attitude is key: Control what you can and proactively accept what you can’t control.
  • 5:39 – “What was once hard is now easy” – Noah Kagan
  • 6:27 –  The importance of learning to be comfortable with discomfort (and actually doing it – not just saying it)
  • 7:40 – On focus : If you’re not saying “No” to at least one thing each day, you’re not focused
  • 10:00 – Noah throws down a $1,000 challenge … Which Ash accepts (and has now completed as at the publishing date of this podcast episode)
  • 10:27 – There’s a LOT of advice online (you need to be selective about who you listen to)
  • 11:19 – The importance of bringing accountability into your life to launch as soon as feasible and let the market give you feedback (rather than get into analysis paralysis)
  • 14:03 – Can launching early (and letting the market provide feedback) hurt your brand?
  • 15:25 – Vulnerability is sometimes appealing
  • 15:52 – Noah Kagan Presents Podcast vs Noah’s YouTube challenge – a discussion around which one’s working better
  • 17:28 – The importance of getting onto a new medium early (being ‘first to market’ on a new medium is important)
  • 24:56 – Action Steps and Key Insights

Action Steps

  • Don’t wait for ‘perfect’ before you launch – launch when you have something of value and then iterate based on market feedback
  • Focus on fewer things (learn to say no more often)
  • Understand the audience intent when using different mediums / media

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