166. How To Use Referral Based Marketing To Grow Your Business – With Robert Gerrish

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How To Use Referral Based Marketing To Grow Your Business – With Robert Gerrish

After a career in marketing and design in London, culminating in the sale of his business to Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, Robert Gerrish began the search for more meaningful work and a less stressful lifestyle. He relocated to Sydney in the mid 1990s, and authored the book Flying Solo. He built a small online business community of the same name which he grew to over 110,000 members and then later sold. More recently, he’s published another book called the 1-minute commute which he was kind enough to send me a hard copy of recently. The book is a great read, and a handbook for people looking to turn their passions into a business they enjoy running.

In this episode, Robert shares some of his key insights around ‘old school’ referral marketing. Enjoy.




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Key Points and Insights:

  • 4.17 – What inspired the title “The One Minute Commute”
  • 7.27 – The story behind the title of the book: The original title revealed (and why it was changed to “The One Minute Commute”)
  • 8.44 – Word of mouth advertising or referral based advertising explained
  • 17.29 – The importance of consistency and what that means as a content creator
  • 18.16 – A tool which most businesses rarely use (and why you should consider using it)
  • 26.22 – The power of content marketing explained in the context of referral marketing
  • 29.09 – Reaching out to your raving fans and making it easy for them to promote your brand
  • 32.42 – It’s our job as business owners to make sure our fans know how to help us
  • 33.09 – “Don’t count the people you reach, reach the people who count” – David Oglivy
  • 35.14 – Key Actions Steps you can take
  • 37.32 – How to learn more about Robert and his book The 1 Minute Commute

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