018. How To Build An EIGHT-figure business – With Buck Rizvi

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How To Build An EIGHT-figure business – With Buck Rizvi

Buck Rizvi is an accomplished entrepreneur who has established an eight-figure business in the health supplements industry. I met Buck at the Super Fast Business live conference in March 2015 where he presented some excellent insights around how he grew his business to eight figures through strong core values hiring rock star employees developing world-class customer support and unique business systems. Buck is the founder of realdosenutrition.com, and he’s here to talk to us about the keys to his success around building this sustainable high growth business.

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Key points discussed / timestamps:

  • 2:00 – An overview of Buck’s journey towards a successful entrepreneur
  • 3:20 – “And I got some help… I didn’t try to do it on my own.”
  • 5:49 – Why system and culture is important to businesses
  • 6:54 – “Everything that you do is imbued with this… concept of core value…”
  • 10:52 – “Things will happen without you being involved.”
  • 13:32 – How to get started in creating valuable and sustainable systems within business
  • 16:21 – “And sometimes benefits is not always measured in dollars.”
  • 16:43 – The concept of daily standup meeting
  • 20:06 – Common challenges in getting started with building up a strong culture and systems and overcoming them.
  • 20:30 – “It’s really fundamentally… having a simple process.”
  • 24:09 – Outsourcing and working with assistant
  • 27:00 – “You want to develop managers… rather than trying to be a superhero.”
  • 27:15 –  “The reality is, people do want some structures and want some leaderships…”
  • 28:13 – Best action steps that someone can take to get started with building high sustainable business

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