032. Dan Norris on his new book ‘Content Machine’ (Released 10th Aug 2015)

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How to Use Content Marketing with Dan Norris

Dan Norris, the founder of wpcurve.com and the author of the Seven Day Startup and is working on another book called Content Machine. I met Dan at Super Fast Business Live 10 earlier this month where I had the pleasure of watching him speak. It is the talk that Dan shared a very moving story about his journey in startups, and he eventually arrives at his current success which is wpcurve.com. Dan shared some insights about startups, including the fact that I must have great design, simple names that are quickly dropped into a conversation like Slack or Uber and the importance of growth. A couple of great insights that he stood out for me from the talk was the idea of trading short-term revenue to long-term growth and secondly the importance of focusing on a monthly increase. Dan used an example saying a $6,000 a month business growing at a 15% will hit a revenue at 2 million dollars in two years and 10 million dollars in 3 years. Dan also loves line chats where he shared plenty of it in his talk as his free life and having been trained as a financial analyst and banking the geek in me was drawn to Dan, and we had a few interesting conversations in the next two days at the conference.

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Key points / Timestamps

  • 5:10 – Some insights from Dan’s upcoming book called the “Content Machine”
  • 7:50 – How to get people interested in your content
  • 13:44 – Who’s the target audience of Dan’s new book?
  • 14:48 – The three main sections of Dan’s new book
  • 17:25 – The multiplier framework and the headline
  • 22:17 – On finding quality content writers
  • 26:48 – On video-based content
  • 30:00 – Action steps – How listeners take their content marketing to the next level
  • 31:59 – How to get in contact with Dan

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