061. Why Attention Is The New Currency — With Kevin Rogers

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Why Attention Is The New Currency & The 4 Things You NEED To Make A Sale — With Kevin Rogers

Kevin Rogers is the founder of copychier.com. He was previously featured in the episode, 9 of this podcast series, and that was called; The Blind Man Driving. One of his many claims to fame is that he successfully conspired with John Carlton and managed to get Dan Kennedy to join him for dinner which was an amazing feat as I understand it, the whole thing was coordinated via fax. Now, entrepreneurs all over the world have used his techniques to grow their business very quickly not least of which is a 60-second sales hook.

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Key Points (Timestamps)

  • 00:52 — Intro and overview
  • 01:57— Why copywriting is critical to converting browsers to buyers
  • 03:30 — The value of transparency
  • 05:20 — New expectation: How real can you make this?
  • 08:10 — Kevin’s take on the evolution of copywriting in the next 3-5 years
  • 09:20 — Three main elements a sales letter needs to close the deal
  • 11:30 — Attention is the new currency online.
  • 13:00 — Simple framework for “What is it?”
  • 14:56 — Short attention span syndrome
  • 16:12 — Formulas for filling in your “Who are you?”
  • 17:06 — Ash’s “Who are you?” example
  • 19:08 — The scale of severity:
    • Red alert
    • Yellow light
    • Green light
  • 20:40 — Dollar shave club and how they created a desire for a problem to be solved
  • 21:07 — Most of us create products in the ‘yellow light’ section of the ‘scale of severity’.
  • 23:46 — The most popular content online always begins with a number… “7ways to…”
  • 25:41 — The importance of quantification in sales letters
  • 26:30 — How Frank Kern uses transparency in his copy
  • 27:50 — “The thing I care more about than money and the sale is not going to jail!”
  • 28:12 — Why Danny Iny asked his subscribers to unsubscribe from his mailing list
  • 29:21 — Recap of 4 main points to close the sales loop
  • 31:30 — Kevin’s case study “Ye Old Digital Prints” on an Etsy store
  • 34:39 — The four essential elements of a good sales message illustrated in a case study
  • 36:21 — Where the sixty-second sales hook fits into the four essential elements of sales copy
  • 36:31 — Biggest challenges Kevin has seen when it comes to creating effective sales copy
  • 38:20 — How we communicate is different… “get to the point…cut out all the fluff”.
  • 39:10 — The biggest enemy of sales copy is vagueness and the best friend of sales copy is specificity and urgency.
  • 39:28 — Action steps you can take to create great sales copy right now
  • 42:55 — How to hire a good copywriter with Kevin Rogers
  • 44:29 — Kevin Rogers’ most influential books
  • 48:00 — How to get in touch with Kevin

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