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iPhone battery backup Solution : Mophie Powerpack for smartphones and tablets

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Ash Roy

Imagine this:

You’re smart phone’s doing it to you again. It’s burning through the battery and you’ve got only 5% left to last you the 1 hour trip home from work.

You don’t know why the damn phone’s doing this again. Were you running too many apps on the phone?

Scratch that! You don’t care why the phone’s sucking up battery like a gasping fish out of water!

You just want the damn thing to work. You consoled yourself through a crappy day at the office with the idea of some serious gaming on the bus. And now this?

Sound familiar?

Sucks huh?

Enter the Mophie Powerpack!

… A sleek compact and light battery backup device which can charge your smartphone or tablet via USB

Key benefits: 


  • Sleek and light with an excellent form factor (around the size of the iPhone 4)
  • Can charge your iPhone 5 twice with one full charge on the Powerstation
  • Charges via the standard iPhone USB lightning cable
  • The Powerpack device itself can be recharged via your computer or the iPhone charger adaptor via a USB cable (included)

Mophie comes in several different flavours.


Check out your mophie options in the youtube video below:



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