Daisy Disk : Hard Disk Usage Analyser to claim back your hard drive space

Do you find yourself running out of space on your Mac hard drive?

Enter DaisyDisk.

This is a magical app for your Mac that allows you to visualise your hard drive using the Sunburst format.

As a drive space hoarding movie enthusiast I find this to be delightfully useful. This app sings to my soul!


It let’s you drill into each folder/s or group of folders to have a deeper look at what’s inside.

Sort of like peeling back the layers of an onion in with ever deepening profound insights into the treasure trove of data that you have stowed away on your computer for a rainy day (but are not very likely to ever get to)

This visualisation facility makes the decision process of deleting files very very simple.

So in summary then, the key benefits that DaisyDisk has to offer are:

  • A thicker wallet given that you don’t have to rush out and buy another external hard drive  
  • Extremely simple and user friendly interface
  • Visualise directories and subdirectories using the handy sunburst format (see first image below)
  • Delete redundant files by dragging them to the Deleted files section at the bottom of the screen

DaisyDisk can be purchased at the iTunes store and in my opinion it’s well worth the price!

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