Arianna Huffington on how to succeed: Get more sleep!

An excellent TED talk from Arianna Huffington (the founder of the most successful blog today) on the value of sleep.

This is a short 5 minute video which focuses on a very simple but profound tool to maximise productivity. SLEEP!

In this video Arianna delivers a very amusing talk which scoffs at today’s culture of one-upmanship when it comes to sleep deprivation and how it’s seen as a symbol of virility and busy-ness.

Personally I couldn’t agree more. Chronic sleep deprivation is probably one of the most effective ways in killing your creativity and innovativeness which in turn damages your overall productivity and decision making beyond measure.

Instead it makes more sense to adopt a mindful approach and focus on the tasks that really need doing right now.

Often completing certain tasks first make other tasks redundant. For example throwing out a heap of junk before moving house makes the whole process a lot easier

Check out my post on how I created targeted to do lists in 3 steps for more on this

Check out Arianna’s talk :



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