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Deal alert 50% off for the next 15 hours – Integrate your iPhone with your Mac using iPhone Amego (Expires 1 PM on 23rd May 2013 AEST)

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I came across this very promising
looking application which I thought might be of interest. A single user license
is currently on sale for $14.99 and I bought it.

Grab a copy of the single user licence now 

I haven’t had much of a chance to
play with this application so I can’t vouch for its efficacy or ease of use but
the features look very promising. I thought it would be worth bringing this to your attention given that it is at half price for another 15 hours or so

The key benefits of this app are:


  • Know who’s calling before you reach for your phone
  •  Dial with numbers with ease from your computer
  •  Block or ignore unwanted calls
  • Organise call records and pull up caller info with a few clicks
  • Allow call accounting for billing system management

For a detailed list of features and
benefits check out the developers website Sustainable

Here are some videos demonstrating
aspects of the app:

How to connect an iPhone as a telephone
device in iPhone Amego

SMS notification in iPhone Amego

Dialling with iPhone Amego iPhone
landline or VoIP

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