Great products market themselves

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Great products market themselves

Have you ever experienced a product that just scratched your itch? You know, a product that delivered an excellent experience as it solved your problem … exactly like the marketing (for that product) had promised you it would.

How did you feel about that product? Did you tell all your friends about it?

Chances are that product didn’t need a big marketing budget.

Great products often make marketing superfluous.

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How to create your ideal customer persona

What is a buyer persona and why does it matter to you as a small business owner?

You might be wondering:

"Isn't this...

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Digital Marketer Funnel Strategies

Some time ago Ryan Deiss — Founder of Digital Marketer — and I, sat down to discuss their approach to business growth. 

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Tips For Planning Your Day

In a recent conversation, I had with Joe Pulizzi — the founder of Content Marketing Institute — he said "Can you spend...