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How to create your ideal customer persona

Image of Ash Roy
Ash Roy

What is a buyer persona and why does it matter to you as a small business owner?

You might be wondering:

"Isn't this buyer persona stuff only for large businesses?"

"Why should a small business owner like me care about stuff like that?" 

Here's why:

Your business needs customers and your buyer persona helps you understand your customers better. 

It helps you articulate their stated and unstated problem and then come up with a solution and offer that solution to them (in the form of your product or service).

Buyer personas also help you to tailor your content and get clear on your message to market.

Creating a detailed buyer persona will help you understand what makes your ideal customer tick. What does your customer need to believe to buy your product or service?

Providing great customer experiences, and deliver outstanding service is the only way to achieve sustainable business growth over the long-term.  

People usually buy based on emotions, and then later justify the purchase decision using logic. Buyer personas help you do you understand your customer's emotional world.



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