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Ash RoyNov 29, 2018 7:23:52 AM< 1 min read

Time management

Time management

Time management is a misnomer.

You can’t really manage time because there is a finite number of hours in each day. Every one of us is subject to the same time constraints.

So so you can’t really manage time given the fact you can’t control it.

What you can manage is your priorities.

Much better to focus on projects that are important (but not necessarily urgent) as opposed to focusing on stuff that’s urgent but not important.

The former is proactive approach and the latter is a reactive approach.

The Eisenhower matrix is a great framework to follow if you want to develop a proactive approach to managing your priorities.


Ash Roy

Ash Roy has spent over 15 years working in the corporate world as a financial and strategic analyst and advisor to large multinational banks and telecommunications companies. He suffered through a CPA in 1997 and completed it despite not liking it at all because he believed it was a valuable skill to have. He sacrificed his personality in the process. In 2004 he finished his MBA (Masters In Business Administration) from the Australian Graduate School of Management and loved it! He scored a distinction (average) and got his personality back too!