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Which one comes first — Money or happiness?

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Which one comes first — Money or happiness?

Does money make us happy?

Most of us are conditioned to believe that money leads to happiness. And to some extent that’s true. Without access to the basics, it’s not really possible to live a comfortable and happy life. But pretty quickly after you hit a certain level of wealth you start to see the law of diminishing returns start to kick in. Huge amounts of wealth don’t translate into huge amounts of happiness. In fact, there is some pretty compelling evidence implying that extraordinary wealth is burdensome.

When you flip the question around though, that’s when it gets really interesting.

Does happiness lead to wealth?

Operating from a state of abundance and fulfillment is more likely to lead to sustainable wealth creation. Julie Cairns (one of my favourite podcast guests so far) made a compelling case when I spoke to her a few months ago.

To your happiness … and wealth.



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