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Ash RoyMar 22, 2024 9:00:00 AM2 min read

Mastering Entrepreneurship: The Secrets from The Pro                                                                                                             (Insights from Guy Kawasaki )

Hey friends, 


This is the final email on "Mastering Entrepreneurship" series, featuring the likes of Seth Godin, Neil Patel, and Guy Kawasaki.


I'd like to share some of the insights Guy Kawasaki shared with me in episode 210.


Leading with Integrity:


Leadership and integrity go hand in hand. The key point here is to act with honesty, consistency, and accountability.


Tips for Success:


  1. Learn from Visionary Leaders 
    Exceptional leaders possess unique qualities that set them apart.

    Key Takeaway: Study extraordinary leaders like Steve Jobs to understand what qualities contribute to their success, and strive to emulate those qualities in your own leadership style. 

  2. Uphold Integrity in Business Practices
    Integrity is fundamental to effective leadership and business success.

    Key Takeaway: Act with integrity in all your dealings, as it builds trust, credibility, and fosters long-term relationships, even in challenging times.

  3. Cultivate Resilience and Grit
    Grit and resilience are indispensable traits for entrepreneurial success.

    Key Takeaway: Guy Kawasaki's journey exemplifies the power of grit and perseverance. You need both to achieve your long term goals.


Inspiring Story:


Throughout his career, Kawasaki has worked with remarkable leaders including Steve Jobs — co-founder of Apple and Melanie Perkins — co-founder of Canva. 


He's been instrumental in turning both these brands into household names. 


You can watch my conversation with Guy Kawasaki and learn more about his journey here:



What's your key takeaway from the conversation with Guy?


Hit reply and let me know. I read all my emails. 







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Ash Roy

Ash Roy has spent over 15 years working in the corporate world as a financial and strategic analyst and advisor to large multinational banks and telecommunications companies. He suffered through a CPA in 1997 and completed it despite not liking it at all because he believed it was a valuable skill to have. He sacrificed his personality in the process. In 2004 he finished his MBA (Masters In Business Administration) from the Australian Graduate School of Management and loved it! He scored a distinction (average) and got his personality back too!