121. 5 Ways To Repurpose Podcast Episodes And Deliver Awesome Value To A Wider Audience

5 Ways To Repurpose Podcast Episodes And Deliver Awesome Value To A Wider Audience


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Repurposing Podcast Content

Why is it important to consider repurposing your podcast content and converting it to other forms of content?

  • It will allow your business expand its reach.
  • It will help you increase your influence in the market.


5 Ways to repurpose your podcast episodes and convert it to other forms of content and deliver awesome value to a wider audience

  1. Convert your content to a downloadable PDF – You can use Beacon.dy. If they find your content valuable and interesting, they love to own a piece of that content in the form of a PDF.  It works like this: When your audience arrives at a specific podcast episode on your website and likes the content, then up comes a popup appears asking for their email, in exchange for a downloadable PDF — a fair exchange of value. You build your email list and they get something valuable to take away.
  2. Transcribe your podcast – You can use Rev.com or Trint.com. This is a good way to repurpose your podcast to a written form that can be included in your PDF download. (Note that Trint uses machine learning, so it isn’t as accurate as Rev.)
  3. Create an Infographic – You can use Piktochart or Easel.ly for this. This actually gives people a different way to absorb your content. Infographics allow your audience to look at the content with a more ‘lateral’ perspective. Kinda like looking at a mindmap.
  4. Youtube – You can use Screenflow or Camtasia to turn the audio into video. There are different ways you can consider in doing this. One, you might want different images for every 5 seconds to make it more visually interesting. You could just have a static image for the whole episode but that’s a bit boring for a viewer. That said, a lot of people do go to YouTube just to ‘listen’ to content rather than view it.
  5. Convert it to Blogpost – Make use of your transcript to break it down to a more easier to read content. Make sure you use good quality subheads to make the content scannable —  think of your subheads as ‘windows to the soul’ of your content.

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