133. Are You Getting the Most Out of Your YouTube Advertising? – With Tom Breeze – Part 2 of 2

Tom Breeze on Youtube Marketing – Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Youtube Advertising? – Part 2 of 2


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Key Points and Insights

  • 2:42 – Two main jobs of Youtube advertisers:
    • Motivate people to make a decision and
    • Lower the friction to access
  • 10:35 – Why it’s important to understand the keywords that people use
  • 14:43 – Benefits Youtube advertising offers over Facebook and Google advertising?
  • 17:56 – How more more economical is YouTube advertising as compared to Facebook and Google advertising?
  • 20:56 – Common mistakes people make when it comes to Youtube advertising and how to overcome them
  • 24:52 – Action steps to get started with your Youtube advertising campaign?

Key takeaways around Video Advertising

  • Understand your customers.
  • Find the right content.
  • Get clear on your targeting.
  • Decide on your keywords.
  • Ensure your video and your offer resonates with your keywords.
  • Track your campaign.


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