020. Raventools founder — Jon Henshaw — On Integrated Marketing Solutions

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Raven Tools founder — Jon Henshaw — On Integrated Marketing Solutions

Jon Henshaw is a very accomplished entrepreneur who’s been very successful in the online marketing space, and he’s the co-founder of Raven Tools, .

Jon Henshaw has been involved with website development since early 1995 and Raven Tools is an online marketing management and reporting platform which helps you take your business to the next level. It enables you to focus on the SEO you love not the grunt work you don’t and improve your content marketing with better analysis so in short, it helps you be much more productive as an online marketer by using his integrated marketing software.

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Key points discussed / timestamps

  • 1:32 – A brief overview of Raven tools and Integrated Marketing Solution
  • 2:26 – What is Raven tools?
  • 5:00 – On Content Marketing
  • 7:01 – How to Get Started with Integrating Marketing Solution
  • 7:21 –  “Brand also means style.”
  • 8:25 – “You need to have your own clear (business) strategy of what it is you’re trying to accomplish.”
  • 8:45 – “One strategy is not right for all companies.”
  • 9:46 – Future proofing your brand
  • 12:08 – “It’s providing contents that are not crappy and hastily written.”
  • 14:14- “… to have zero ad on their sites. Establish the strength of your brand.”
  • 17:40 –  Setting up tracking attribution
  • 20:05 – The main challenges when implementing integrated marketing in businesses
  • 22:25 – “Do your best not to spend a lot of money but try a bunch of different things…”
  • 23:57 – “Do not sign in long-term contracts.”
  • 25:02 – Facebook ads experience
  • 27:40 – Using Social Media to advertise your business contents
  • 29:25 – Other things to consider to start off with online marketing and integrated marketing solutions
  • 33:23 – On guest blogging

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