070. Valerie Khoo — Founder Of The Australian Writers Centre On Power Stories (And The 8 Stories You Must Tell)

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Power Stories (And The 8 Stories You Must Tell) with Valerie Khoo — Founder Of The Australian Writers Centre

Valerie Khoo is the founder of the Australian Writers Centre. She’s an award-winning feature writer who has been writing for Fairfax digital, a prominent Australian Media Company for several.

Her articles appear regularly in The Sydney Morning Herald, and she’s also the author of 6 books. Her latest book is Power Stories; the eight stories you must tell to build an epic business.

Valerie mentors feature writers, entrepreneurs, thought leaders who want to showcase their expertise in their own business.

She was also the features director for Cleo, and her work has appeared in publications such as The Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Financial Review, The Age Warriors, Silver Chris, and many more leading publications.

Like me, she’s a former accountant but switched careers many years ago when she finally gave in to her passion for writing.

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Key Points (Timestamps)

  • 00:37 — Intro and overview
  • 01:51 — Valerie’s views on role of writing in business success and Entrepreneurship
  • 02:47 — Writing underpins video content or audio content (to create structure).
  • 03:03 — ‘It’s important to understand the difference between good writing and someone who just strings sentences together.’ – Valerie Khoo
  • 03:27 — Why a good quality headline is absolutely critical to success as a writer
  • 05:52— Valerie Khoo’s view on the power of stories and how they can transform businesses
  • 07:31 — While data may be king, it’s the story that frames the data which makes a real impact.
  • 08:22 — “The data connects with the head, it’s actually stories that connect with the heart.” — Valerie Khoo on the power of stories
  • 10:20 — Storytelling is part of our DNA and has played a key role in transfer of knowledge (and survival of our species) through generations.
  • 11:54 — How the internet has made us a lot less discerning about our storytelling skills
  • 13:07 — “When you get someone’s attention, it’s important to treat it with the respect it deserves.” – Ash Roy
  • 13:39 — Biggest challenges to get started with writing and creating contents
  • 14:24 — “Everyone can write. Absolutely, everyone can write.” — Valerie Khoo
  • 15:52 — If you want to have a copywriter, hire them on an ongoing basis so they can get to know your business, it’s voice and values.
  • 16:40 — Why it’s a good idea to avoid ‘weasel words’ and MBA speak when writing
  • 17:40 — When it comes to writing, simplicity is key. Clarity trumps cleverness every time.
  • 18:42 — What business owners often don’t realise is that they have decades of experience to draw upon when it comes to writing a book about their area of expertise.
  • 19:49 — The secrets to writing faster and more effectively (and overcoming writer’s block)
  • 21:06 — How to use mind maps to write more effectively
  • 23:09 — Ash’s favorite mind mapping tool at the moment: iThoughtsX
  • 23:50 — Action steps you can take to get you going with your writing habit
  • 24:29 — The importance of journaling when it comes to building a writing habit
  • 29:20 — The 8 stories you must tell to build an epic business (your passion story, your business story, your customer story and more)
  • 31:24 — The most common mistakes people make on their about page and how to write it in the most effective way
  • 32:58 — Books that had biggest impact on Valerie and why
  • 34:28 — How Valerie Khoo actually reads books by various authors
  • 35:40 — Valerie Khoo’s view on book summary services like Blinkist
  • 37:44 — Tips and suggestions for business owners who are interested in writing a business book or getting a book published

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