Trip Go : Your Ultimate Transport Guide

Earlier  I had reviewed an app called TripView which provided excellent timetable information for Sydney trains (see blog number 7).

TripGo is even more versatile in that it maps out your trip from address A to address B and allows you to compare various transport options i.e. bus, car, train etc. It even estimates walking times involved in the trip.


The key benefits on offer are:


  • Maps your entire journey from one address to another including walking directions and estimated walking times where applicable
  • Includes up-to-the-minute information on predicted departure and arrival times  for buses and trains
  • Adds your favourite destinations and provides automated trips to them
  • Allows you to compare various travel options such as train, bus or car including travel times for each
  • Covers the following cities: Adelaide, Auckland, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Wellington… It even works in Chicago and Vancouver!

This is rated a 4+ in the iTunes Store. I give it a 5.  Grab it now for the iPhone.









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