054. The 3 Keys to Community Building, Authenticity & Long Term Business Success — With Mackenzie Fogelson

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Mackenzie Fogelson from Mack Web on The 3 Keys to Community Building & Long-Term Business Success

Mackenzie Fogelson is the founder of Mack Web. Mack Web helps clients improve businesses and brands through community building. They’re strategic, holistic and down-to-earth while they take a 30,000-foot view of your business. They also ground everything in measurable results, to put it simply, they bring the right people together both online and offline to help you to grow your business.

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Key Points (Timestamps)

  • 1:54 — Intro and overview
  • 2:44 — Community building is critical to business success in the modern age.
  • 4:48 — People want to be connected and to have a sense of belonging with others.
  • 5:06 — Businesses need to challenge themselves to be more authentic and human.
  • 7:42 — This is the time for small businesses, they have the advantage.
  • 8:45 — Nike, the evolution of the company and their current approach to advertising
  • 10:02 — Apple’s community building approach — Self-identification
  • 12:02 — What do businesses need to possess to build great communities?
  • 13:20 — Three most important areas of focus for businesses that are looking to build great communities. Communities don’t form around companies but rather around:
    • Shared purpose (over profit)
    • Authenticity
    • Passion
  • 16:01 — “Start with Why.” — Simon Sinek’s youtube video
  • 16:34 — Prioritizing MEANING beyond money as an approach with a view to longevity
  • 17:22 — Cause marketing and Purpose marketing – Max Lenderman
  • 19:09 — Global Study by Conan Wolfe – Sixty-three percent (63%) of consumers would rather buy from companies that they consider to be authentic.
  • 21:14 — Ash’s action step sneak peak
  • 21:47 — Mackenzie’s Recommended Links for listeners
  • 22:41 — Case study: 100% lead growth from Mac Web
  • 27:30 — Why community building is critical to retention strategies
  • 27:50 — Case study: Sears-Roebuck value profit chain (EDIT ME)
  • 30:12 — Useful tool for reference – “The Balanced Scorecard
  • 30:30 — Most common challenges businesses face with community building
  • 32:45 — Why engagement is important when it comes to community building
  • 35:07 — How social proof works to grow your business and brand
  • 36:00 — Action section
    • Focus on depth of connection rather numbers and volume
    • Think about purpose before profit
    • Think about the value you bring to the table in the context of their lives
    • Evaluate your intention (focus on the customer’s needs)
    • Focus on brand goals versus revenue goals
  • 40:55 — Robbie Baxter Podcast reference (Would you like to include this?)
  • 41:16 — The books that have had the biggest impact on Mackenzie and why
  • 42:49 — How to get in contact with Mackenzie and Mack Web Solutions
  • 43:40 — Wrap up, key takeaways and related podcast episodes

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