053. A Serial Entrepreneur’s Journey From Zero To Over 7 Figures — with Pratima Aravabhoomi

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Pratima Aravabhoomi — A Serial Entrepreneur’s Journey From Zero To Over 7 Figures

Pratima Aravabhoomi is a dear friend of mine and a serial entrepreneur. She’s the founder of Craft Street Design Co. and already built a consulting business which she’s in the process of selling for eight figures as we speak. She’s also in the process of building another business in the design space which has hit annual revenues of six figures within its first year.

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Key Points (Timestamps)

  • 1:49 — Intro and overview
  • 2:40 — How Pratima got started with entrepreneurship and her key learnings
  • 3:37 — Keys to growing and selling a 7-figure consulting business
  • 4:20 — How to use value of analytical and clear thinking to solve your client’s problems
  • 5:33— The first key takeaway — Declutter and focus on the essentials.
  • 5:53 — Stick your neck out there and then deliver!
  • 6:17 — How to deal with self-doubt
  • 7:25 — Setting expectations with clients and communicating those expectations
  • 8:06 — How Pratima approaches the discussion around results with her clients
  • 8:53 — Reading between the lines — recurring themes from previous podcast guests like James Schramko, Buck Rizvi and Ed O’Keefe
  • 9:45 — The biggest challenge – Identifying the most impactful problem the customer faces
  • 10:26 — Overcoming mental blocks dealing with sales by offering value
  • 12:54 — Factors with product-based businesses (Fixed costs vs Variable costs)
  • 13:18 — What made Pratima decide to sell her consulting business and start with craftstreetdesignco.com
  • 16:16 — What Craftstreetdesignco.com offers its customers
  • 17:32 — Pratima’s personal qualities that have helped her become a successful entrepreneur
  • 19:10 — Ash’s mindfulness practice and how it applies to understanding your underlying assumptions in daily life and in your business
  • 20:40 — What are the most common challenges for entrepreneurs and what has worked best in overcoming those problems
  • 23:14 — Focus on solving client problems and delivering what they want.
  • 24:27 — Solve the problem that the client perceives to be a problem (not what you perceive as their problem).
  • 24:44 — Actions a listener can take
  • 25:57 — Books that have had the biggest impact on Pratima and why
  • 28:17 — How to get in contact with Pratima
  • 28:55 — Wrap up, key takeaways and related podcast episodes

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