212. Neil Patel on SEO strategies (Ubersuggest)

Neil Patel on SEO strategies (Ubersuggest)


I'm delighted to welcome back the oldest friend of the show, and that is Mr. Neil Patel.


Neil was featured on episode one, where we talked about a lot of interesting things. Neil is the founder of NP digital and the wall street journal calls him a top influencer on the web. 


He’s back to share his insights on all things SEO, content marketing and recent changes in the marketing landscape. 



Here are a couple of insights from our conversation (more insights coming soon):


The rise of voice search 


With the rise of smart devices and home assistants, like Google Pod, Apple Home, or Amazon’s Alexa, people have become more comfortable speaking to their devices (as opposed to typing it into a computer)


Thanks to AI and language processing, search has evolved to the point where it can make certain predictions to match your inquiry to the content we have online. 


For example, you don’t even have to type in “how to preheat the oven for baking?” specifically.  


Engineers have worked to help devices learn and adapt to our needs in ways we couldn't have conceived of just a few years ago. 


What should you focus on first as a content creator: User experience or SEO?


User experience trumps SEO. Don't get me wrong. SEO matters ... but not at the expense of the user experience. 


Create content with your users in mind and then worry about optimising it for search. i.e. don't write for the search engines. Write for humans.


This is where it pays to understand your customer well using an empathetic approach. Understanding your customer's buyer journey, getting clear on the problem she's trying to solve, and then creating content to solve that problem that meets her where she is on her journey is the only way to really get traction. 


Creating remarkable content that's unique and makes them want to come back is critical. These days it's not enough to just create good content. Your content needs to be great. 


That's what'll get your content shared, linked to, and talked about.


You may also want to visit the Productive Insights website and join our growing community of business owners! 


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  1. NP Digital
  2. https://www.youtube.com/productiveinsights

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  1. neil@neilpatel.com

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