211. Relationship Marketing with Bill Dolan

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Relationship Marketing and Sustainable Business Growth with Emmy Nominated Producer — Bill Dolan


How do you build an enduring brand? How do you build a business that you and (more importantly) your clients *love*?

The world's changed in recent years and the traditional outbound marketing approach is dying a slow and painful death.

Not sure what I mean by the "traditional outbound marketing" approach?

I mean those pesky interruption-based spammy emails that swarm your inbox and darken your digital doorway all too often.

Yeah, those things.

Well, they're losing their efficacy.

(I know a lot of marketers will disagree with me on that point, but I think they have an axe to grind. They're married to the outbound approach and the philosophy that goes with it)

But this conversation?

This conversation is about something different.

It's about relationship marketing.

In this episode of the Productive Insights Podcast, we’re joined by my client and friend Bill Dolan — the author of the book, 7 Disciplines of Relationship Marketing (7DRM).

Bill's an Emmy-nominated TV producer and is the creative director at Spirit Media.  

We talk about why relationship marketing matters to you as a business owner today and why it's crucial that you include it in your approach to the market.

The world is changing and you need to change with it. This conversation shows you how.

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  1. Amazon: The 7 Disciplines of Relationship Marketing
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