068. How To Create Sales Funnels And Lead Magnets That Work With Aaron Fletcher

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Aaron Fletcher on How To Create Sales Funnels And Lead Magnets That Actually Work!

Aaron Fletcher is an online marketing consultant, educator, and speaker. He’s the author of the book “Stand Out: A Simple and Effective Online Marketing Plan For Your Small Business” He’s also the founder of fletchermethod.com. He mastered the art of cutting through all the cyber noise and zeroing in on the key essentials for business success.

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Key Points (Timestamps)

  • 00:39 — Intro and overview
  • 01:09 — Aaron Fletcher and Ash Roy discuss the value of sales funnels and lead magnets.
  • 02:03 — Why it’s important to listen to podcasts for business success
  • 03:28 — Why most business owners don’t monetize
  • 07:00 — Often, the best thing for entrepreneurs to do is to go on an “Information Diet”.
  • 08:06 — What strategy as a business owner are you executing with ferocity?
  • 10:50 — How to approach the lead magnet creation process and why a lead magnet is so important
  • 12:06— The 2 things that make all the difference in the world when it comes to building a successful business
  • 14:57 — “Websites are one of the least important parts of business success.” — Aaron Fletcher
  • 16:30 — The two forces you are always competing against in marketing
  • 18:08 — Three reasons why walking your prospects through the lead magnet on the thank you page is valuable
  • 18:38 — How to get leads via facebook for a very low lead acquisition cost while increasing your webinar leads
  • 20: 56 — Your customer’s value map is the ultimate form of empathy.
  • 21:52 — “Delivery systems will always change.” — Aaron Fletcher
  • 23:20 — Every marketing message must have three things:
    • a metric
    • a timeline
    • a transformational outcome / why
  • 27:30 — The one-page funnel framework and why that works
  • 28:27 — What are the biggest and common challenges when it comes to sales funnels and how to overcome them?
  • 29:31 — Outsource 100% of the tasks but 0% of your strategy.
  • 30:05 — Why it’s important to do and understand the task before outsourcing it
  • 31:55 — “Your success is measured on the number of ‘Build-Measure-Learn cycles’.” — Aaron Fletcher
  • 33:43 — “Simple” doesn’t mean easy.
  • 34:58 — It’s a good idea to spend no more than 15% on planning and 85% of your time on execution.
  • 35:58 — How to create a swipe file to build a library of the top sales funnels in the world!
  • 37:18 — Key actions you can take from this podcast:
    • Keep things simple
    • Persist with your strategy
    • Get clear on your audience’s problem with your lead magnet
    • Don’t assume your website is the be-all and end-all
    • Build measure and learn cycles
  • 38:44 — How Aaron Fletcher struggled with the imposter syndrome and how he overcame it
  • 39:38 — Building 99% of your funnel with no shopping cart is the same as 0%.
  • 38:58 — Aaron graciously offers his lead Magnet video to us. Thank you Aaron!
  • 43:22 — The one thing you can never recover in life is time.
  • 44:37 — Look at the opportunity cost of your client not working with you and derive your hourly rate from that value!
  • 45:32 — Books that have had the biggest impact on Aaron Fletcher and why
  • 49:41 — How listeners get in touch with Aaron

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